ICETy (Institute of Cleanliness & Environment Technology) comes with the tagline "Learn - Inspire - Tech - Connect" strives to contribute in the field of education in building a culture of clean living (Clean is a Lifestyle). ICETy's vision & mission is to develop various educational products (in the field of hygiene), by collaborating with various parties, including: professionals, associations, experts, international bodies related to cleaning, hygiene, and environmental in related industries, brands of various hygiene products which are expected to provide solutions, information, skills, knowledge, and experience sharing in building a culture of clean living for several industries and communities.

 In building educational materials, ICETy will use an e-learning platform. The educational process will be implemented in various formats such as video clips, digital books, cleaning media, etc. It will easily accessible, anytime anywhere on demand and provide an interesting digital experience, so it will be more adaptive in term of entering the digital & industrial era 4.O. The digital platform and educational content products that are built are wished to provide inspiration, source of knowledge, information & practical solutions for related industries in developing countries in order to improve tourism & lifestyle.